About Us

Home of Eden Holistic Wellness is a family owned non-profit Ministry, dedicated to creating and designing Holistic Wellness Products and Services that meet the needs of All individuals and families regardless of culture, race, age, sexual preference, and economical or educational background.  We realize in this progressively changing world many often forget the indigenous ways of Natural Healing that was so prevalent in All societies before the boom of prescription drugs and chemical dependencies related to the pharmaceutical industry, which thrive on the illnesses of unhealthy societies.

We make affordable ways to heal, be healthy, and maintain wellness for the mind, body, and spirit, utilizing natural remedies passed down and maintained by our elders in many countries and cultures throughout the world. We believe that here in America we can maximize from it being a melting pot of these cultures by integrating and sharing the blessings and knowledge assimilated throughout our land. Positive acculturation allows us to freely be who we are, and Home of Eden Holistic Wellness shares in the Freedom of Health and Wellness.

We create natural, chemical free, nonGMO Wellness Beauty Products that assist in the healing and protection from degeneration caused by carcinogens and other free radicals that absorb through our bodies on a daily basis through our breath, skin, and organs along with the hormones, pesticides, preservatives, and genetically modified food we may eat. We create programs for the individual and workshops for groups to teach Holistic Wellness incorporating lifestyle changes.

We align our programs with the goals of HealthyPeople 2020, incorporating SAMHSA Evidenced-Based Programs and Campaigns geared towards religious and spiritual organizations throughout urban minority communities.

We Are Authorized Sellers of Handy Pantry Seeds and Gardening Supplies:

We Are Also USA Authorized Distributors of Aloe Ferox Products harvested
and imported from South Africa